About quotemytherapy.com - Quote My Therapy

My Vision

I'm Hayley Barrowcliffe, the founder of quotemytherapy.com. I created quotemytherapy.com in 2015 while recovering from major hip surgery.

I had a clear vision inspired by my own personal journey. I wanted to create a platform which allowed everyone in the UK access to the therapies they need at a more affordable cost and also to assist UK therapists to grow their business.

My Why

Having been through a very challenging period with my own health and requiring many therapies in recovery, it wasn't always affordable. In fact it was often a struggle, although I was determined to have the best recovery possible.

I took my health for granted as many of us do in our early 30's. I didn't listen to my body and eventually it said “ENOUGH!” I underwent 2 rounds of major surgery in a 9 month period and have experienced several health challenges in between. Collectively, this had a huge impact on every aspect of my life. 

In 2013 I qualified as a Reflexologist. I'm very passionate about sharing my therapy with others, its so wonderful and rewarding to be able to make a positive impact on someone else's health and well being.

One of the challenges I and many therapists face is connecting with new clients and building a sustainable business.

Our Mission

Your health is our priority and we want you to make it yours too.

We at quotemytherapy.com care and want to encourage you to really value your health. We don't want you to suffer or wait until it's too late.

Affordable therapy

Our easy to use platform allows you to chose the therapy you need in your specified location and receive free flexible quotations. Then simply choose a quote that suits you.

Therapists you can trust

All our therapists are verified by us. We check their qualifications, valid insurance cover and membership of professional bodies. Only then is the therapist permitted to offer quotations on their services.

Share your therapy further

Quotemytherapy.com allows you to share your therapy and reach out to more new clients who need it. A greater opportunity to make a positive impact on more peoples health and well being.