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The Heart Of

Firstly, a huge hello and welcome. As the founder of I’d like to share my passion around this unique platform which aims to make therapies more accessible and affordable for you, so you can make your health a top priority.

My why…

In 2007 I moved to London to pursue a challenging and diverse career as a Police officer for the Metropolitan Police Service. In January 2012 I was involved in a collision whilst driving to an emergency call which left me with severe whiplash injuries. In the July of the same year I was hit by a bus, also whilst on duty. 

I was admitted to hospital on both occasions and it was from this point on wards my health began to suffer. I had right side sciatic and hip joint pain as well as neck spine and lower back pain.

I underwent numerous hospital tests and procedures over a period of 11 months in order to seek appropriate treatment for my chronic pain. The conclusion was, major hip surgery. At 30 years of age it wasn’t something I anticipated facing, although at this time it was very real. In constant pain day after day, it began to affect my mental state and I slumped into a period of depression. 

During this time I met a friend who introduced me to Nichiren Buddhism. A philosophy that gave me strength and hope and encouraged me to view my challenges as opportunities. I was determined to win through this and that I would have the best recovery possible. I knew there were so many other people in the world suffering with their health and facing similar challenges. So I asked myself, what can I do to change this?

Not only was I coping with my injuries and recovering from 2 rounds of major surgery in a 9 month period, I was also facing an abundance of additional health challenges from kidney stones to unexplained chronic stomach pain. During this time I was really able to appreciate just how precious my health is and how much I had taken it for granted. I think most people are guilty of this in their 30’s. 

At 31 years old recovering from major hip surgery, I was determined to have the best recovery. This involved various therapies on a regular basis. The surgeon predicted a 12 month recovery period due to the extent of the damage. The therapy I required became very expensive very quickly after my 8 week quota of Physiotherapy with the NHS had expired. I couldn’t always afford the therapy I needed. 

I had a deep realisation during this time that so many of us don’t treasure our health as we should, largely because we can’t always afford too. We as humans don’t inherently respect the wonderful workings of the human body and mind. Rather, we push ourselves to the limit.

This was the beginning of a journey to turn my karma into my mission. It was during my recovery that I had an idea to create a platform which could help so many more people like myself gain access to the therapies they need at a more affordable cost. I desperately wanted to encourage people to value their health and to feel that they could afford to have the therapies they need. In September 2015 I resigned from the Police service to dedicate myself whole heartedly to my vision with

Both the connections I had made through my Buddhism and facing many health challenges I began to develop an avid interest in complementary therapy. In 2013 I trained as a Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner and created my own business “Soul to Soles”. I love to share my therapy and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on so many peoples health and well being.

As a therapist myself I see first hand the value therapy creates in other peoples lives. The platform is currently free for therapists to register their services so they can connect with new clients, share their therapy further and in turn grow their business.

I am  passionate about sharing my journey to encourage as many people as I can to prioritise their health while they still have it.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of Gold or Silver” (Mahatma Ghandi)


  1. Inspiring and a fantastic concept.
    Love the website too!

    Wish you every success in your journey.

  2. You can feel the passion you have for this new chapter, reading your story it is very inspiring.

    Love the website very easy to navigate around will be recommending it to friends and family.

    Wishing you all the best

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